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Netathlon Software User


Roger Young, cycling coach, director of the Home Depot Velodrome, Carson, CA

“Netathlon produces the only software that consistently lets me know my riders and create competitions on and off the Net”

David Ono, KTLA anchor and Ironman trainee

“Incredible.... I can train for Kona in my living room”

Scott Tinley

“The RA Sports guys are dedicated and have created an incredible product”

Edmund Burke PhD ; one of the world’s foremont fitness book writers (16 books)

“RA Sports has created an incredible product for fitness training and tracking”

T. S.

“I currently own a Cyclops trainer with your products and love it.”

D. H.

“I tried it tonight with 3 rabbits and 5 past performances... almost perfect training”

M. L.

“I just love this stuff”

E. W.

“Too Cool”; My wife and I love it

J. B.

“So, if folks haven’t tried your software with on line internet training, I would offer you don’t know what you are missing. It’s a blast!!!”

D. S.

“I'm just hoping for the continued success of products like NetAthlon,”

R. B.

“now I have to make a great compliment to you: I have never seen such good service as yours. you did a very good job. Everything works fantastic”

F Bastos

“A great product; I use it to track my progress to the Olympics”

P. L.

“I've tried 3 NetAthlon courses this morning. With NetAthlon, the home trainer become almost pleasant ! You can bike entire hours in your home without boring.”

H. B.

“I have been using NetAthlon & UltraCoach with my rowing machine; works great”

M. A.

“I am a big fan of NetAthlon, as after my job in the morning I watch my 5 year old triplets the rest of the day (hard to find time for riding outside).”

M. S.

“Keep up the great work. NA makes me enjoy my trainer more than riding the road!”

A. B.

“they told me to get the latest ver. on line, I downloaded it and everything works fine. now I'm a totally happy camper and will gladly recommend to my friends.”

H. H.

“First: Your software is perfect. The training is much nicer and an hour is much shorter!!”

C. N.

“Have to say that the "Small Town" course, just has to possibly be the best so far. Interesting and with some neat "drag" type climbs.”

D. S.

“By the way - your product has made a huge difference in my life. I could never stick with a workout before. The ability to compete against myself is the key to keeping me on a fitness program. There is nothing more motivating to me than having a past workout pass me.”

E & L

“Just got back from my yearly trip to Florida with the Bikes. And what a difference. I did a lot of riding NetAthon over this winter and my speed down south was almost 3 miles per hour faster than last year.”


“This morning I had in mind to do a long endurance ride. So I started in Kona. After something like 60 Km, I started saying to myself, why not try the whole thing? After 5 hours and about 20 minutes I made it back to the starting point! I have never even done this kind of distance on the road, and I use to think that 90 minutes was about the maximum on a trainer. My odometer on my bike indicated over 190 Km.”

M. P.

“Thanks to you guys and NA I been riding all the time again, and I need it”

G. R.

“I gotta tell you, I have used UC since the first version running under Win 3.1. I'm now at ver 3.3.115 under WinXP. I have tried other programs in that time and continue to come back (very quickly) to UC.”

M. M.

“What a blast !: Great software!!!”

Cdr. K. K.

“ . . . plus I can ride whenever I want. It may not look like it in the photos, but my room is palatial by Navy standards :) Thanks again for the help, and thank Paul and the support staff for the quick e-mail with the code for the course.”

J. H.

“Great software by the way. I think it's better than the Tacx I-Magic VR software.”

D. D.

“Thanks for the info.....and I'm gunna soon join the "bandwagon" of NetAthlon users....especially with those guys in the NetAthlon Lobby and Game Spy.”